Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Feeling ugly with my ugly thoughts

i've been feeling agitated lately. actually no, not lately, always have been but i kept letting it get the better of me.

i hear the things that i am saying sometimes and i wish i can take them all back, cause i do not believe that i am this person.

i do not understand why i get so easily agitated and annoyed by people that i immediately grow quick to judge and hate on them. i feel quite ashamed.

i really need to find my inner glow child.

i have no excuses for the hateful thoughts that i have said out loud. i cannot blame it on the people who have agitated me. for it was i who has failed to set my emotions right.

some thoughts are really not meant to be thought.

i do not have to go out of my way to like/assist them. but i can at least make it easier on my soul by choosing to let things go and not let it affect me to this extent.

i hope i get better soon and get rid of all these horrible traits that i have adopted. wish me luck.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hoot hoot you're a toot!

Hello, I turned 20 about a week ago, I still feel the same, maybe some part of me might turn wiser...any minute now. Anyway, I felt like I had every right to unwind since my birthday was coming, so I just let loose and not did any work from the week before my birthday and right till my birthday itself. Haha cause I am a princess thats why. It was a quiet birthday, and I enjoyed it very much. Just close friends, my family and lovely meals.

Gobs brought me to some mexican restaurant for a pre birthday celebration, just me and my lovely man hehe! The food was incredibly good, and yet it was so affordable too. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant as it is too long, but it is at Haji lane area, and it has a statue of a lady on its walls wearing a red dress. Haha! The following day, my family brought me to Mache to have my birthday dinner, it was a fun time, and the company was lovely. Especially since Gobind and Bao (Eunice's BF) were present for my birthday dinner for the first time! So all in all, my birthday dinner(s) was splendid!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! Its nice to have the ones that matter remember my special day!

My assignments are due in about a week and a half time. I am freaking out, regretted not getting a head start on my work. (Since I was feeling all princess-sy and decided to slack instead.) But so far things are still alright, just that there is a tight squeeze between all my assignments and the feeling is just so uncalled for. Coulda Woulda Shoulda.. Oh well. Really excited about my publication work, and I would have felt the same for my infographics too, but because of the lack of time, I am neglecting infographics a tiny bit. Hopefully I can speed my work up, and still do it perfectly. I managed to finish my media law essay though! So one down and like 4 more subjects to go. OKAY, I CAN DO THIS! 

Managed to update my portfolio website a bit! So take a look if you're curious! beatbeatsbeat

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reviving this space.

Why hello there, it has been ages since I've touched this space. The last time was on the 31st of january. Well done beat. Anyway, I just felt like typing, thus I am here. I even cleared my blog history. Going through my first few posts on this blog was terribly cringe-worthy, and I am glad to have deleted them all.

Moving on.. I am in the 3rd year of my NAFA school term now. School has been great, I enjoy what I have been doing. During my holiday period from May - July, I did my internship as well at D.P.i. I am so grateful that I've learnt so much from the company and my fellow colleagues. After my internship ended, I had about 2 weeks to go before school started, so I started to work at Sentosa again, since the pay was good and the schedule was really flexible.

Even though school has started, I am still working there part-time so that I can earn some pocket money for myself. Working there has given me a wonderful tan so I am not so pale looking now, and I get to work out too since I am running after kids or swimming with them. Fun in the sun. Juggling school and work has been alright, it keeps me on the edge and helps me to cope with my time management.

By the way, I have finally started up my portfolio website! These are some of the work that I have done and there are more work to be uploaded but that will take some time. Take a look if you're curious! Everyday I grow more and more grateful to be in NAFA. If I was not in NAFA studying graphic design, I would be at Singapore Polytechnic learning about computer programming. Furthermore, at NAFA, I have made some really great friends and I have been able to learn what I enjoy doing.

My birthday is round the corner, heehee, turning a year older always feels bittersweet yet I look forward to it. This is most probably due to the fact that I will be able to have the freedom that comes with it. Like traveling with my friends, I am gonna try and make it happen fer sure.

I wouldn't mind a gift card or voucher to buy books at Kinokuniya, or maybe the book, "the perks of being a wallflower" since I cannot remember who I had lent it to and the person did not return it to me as well. Anyway, how about an owl iphone case?  A forever 21 gift card, matt nail polish, black cut out clothes? Minimalistic black sandals? (Or you can tell me where to find simple sandals like these, I would be so grateful!) How about some gold/neon pink accessories? A lifetime sponsorship of my printing costs? haha I kid. A trip to a shark aquarium? AH! Get me a nipple piercing maybe?

Haha I am half kidding half wanting all these things. heh. Every tuesday I don't have school, I get to sleep in sometimes, but sometimes I am scheduled for work, but thankfully tomorrow I am free! Yay! I will be able to catch up on my sleep a bit and watch back to back episodes of the Gargoyles. Squeeze in some running maybe, and do my work too.

Hopefully I will touch this space more often now since I have deleted my cringing past posts! Goodnight fwens! Wish you well.